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EFS Water Safety Equipment 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
Our chosen PPE is from Northern Diver who are established as one of the most innovative, competitive and reliable water rescue equipment suppliers in the UK. Event Fire Solutions have worked with Northern Diver to ensure that any personal protective equipment we provide is fit for purpose and meets all required safety standards. All of our PPE is suitable for all swift water rescue conditions and has reflective markings to ensure visibility during night time conditions. We can provide a service that is equal to that of any frontline fire service water rescue team and we pride ourselves in supplying PPE that is suitable for any water related incident that will assist our team and never compromise their safety. 
Avon Searider 5.4 metre RIB 
Event Fire Solutions use the Avon Searider as its main rescue boat due to the quality and sea worthiness of this amazing RIB. It is recognised throughout the world with the majority of models seeing service in the armed forces as well as commercial and rescue duties. They are well designed and solidly built which means they can take an awful lot of punishment, more so than some of the 'modern' equivalents therefore, very reliable which we class as a must for our clients. The deep V of the hull cuts through the water giving a smoother ride than a similar RIB with a flatter profile. One of the main differences is the unique flooding hull design of the Searider which means that the RIB sinks down slightly in the water at rest providing a stable platform to work from or dive off. In combination with its 65hp Yamaha outboard engine this boat is a very powerful and effective resource that is a fantastic rescue asset at any event, able to be used on any tidal or non-tidal waters. 
Zodiac 4m rib 
Our 4m rib is made from glued structure Strongan™ fabric and has large diameter buoyancy tubes which give it an impressive load capacity. This lightweight rib can be used as a great support boat to our main rescue rib at larger events or as an individual rescue boat for those smaller events. It is very portable and able to be deployed in the most remote or difficult to get to locations making it a very flexible asset. In conjunction with a 35hp Mariner outboard engine this boat is a simple but very effective rescue capability. 
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